The Oaks

The Oaks Residence represents a unique partnership between Shepherds of Good Hope, Inner City Health and Canadian Mental Health Association.  The Oaks is located at 1053 and 1057 Merivale Road in Ottawa’s west end. The two buildings house 55 units. There are 45 units designated as domiciliary hostel beds under the City of Ottawa.  Of the 45 beds, 15 are currently reserved for “aging at home” residents.  These clients are generally over the age of 65 and typically have physical health issues, mental health issues, alcoholism or some combination of the three.

The other 30 beds are reserved for “Managed Alcohol Residents”.  These clients have successfully graduated from level one of the Managed Alcohol Program at 256 King Edward Avenue.  Their alcohol levels have been stabilized and they have shown they are ready for a successful transition from the shelter system to more of a long-term care facility.

There are 10 additional beds allocated to those living with mental health issues under the Canadian Mental Health Association.  These residents have been identified as having specific medical issues and would benefit from the presence of Inner City Health

Inner City Health has a staffing presence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  In addition, there are client care workers staffed around the clock. The program also has a registered nurse on-site 40 hours a week and there are weekly rounds made by a mental health practitioner as well as Dr. Jeff Turnbull and his medical team.


The Oaks is a gated community and offers multiple tranquil areas outside of the buildings for residents to enjoy.  The program has a BBQ area, patio sets, a large deck and a vegetable garden that the residents tend to themselves.


For more information on this program, please contact:
Lindy Rosko
Senior Manager