Supportive Housing

The network of housing options is designed to meet the diverse support and supervision needs of its tenants and allows individuals to move from one level of support to another while working towards a more independent living style.


208 St. Andrew Residence

St. Andrew Street Residence has both single and double occupancy units. This program houses individuals with concurrent disorders like mental illness and addictions who are capable of a more independent lifestyle. As such, it operates with staff on an as-needed basis. Staff provide skills training to interested residents.
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Brigid’s Place, 78/80 Nelson St

The residents of Brigid’s Place are the most street entrenched and hardest-to-serve women in the city of Ottawa due to addiction issues, mental health and factors relating to past trauma. This program has been in operation since 2009 and provides safe housing as a first step to maintaining stability.
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The Oaks, 1057, 1053 Merivale Rd.

The Oaks Residence is a unique partnership between the Shepherds of Good Hope, Inner City Health, and Canadian Mental Health Association. Combining the efforts of these three organizations to care for the residents of the Managed Alcohol Program, the elderly living in shelters and Canadian Mental Health Association residents has never been done before.
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Hope Living, 145 Castlefrank Road

This inviting location in Ottawa’s west end is set in a quiet, suburban setting. With 99 beds, expansive open spaces and multiple, large windows, cozy sitting rooms, a well-appointed dining facility and sprawling grounds, our clients can experience all of the comforts and safety of their lovely new home.
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