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Make Thanksgiving special for the homeless
Donate Buton

Thanksgiving is a special time for many of us. The holiday often centres around a family dinner. For many of the men and women living at Shepherds of Good Hope, there will be no family reunion, no special dinner with loved ones. But you can do something to make sure their Thanksgiving is not just another day.

Make a donation to ensure every man and woman coming through our doors can celebrate Thanksgiving with a special meal at Shepherds of Good Hope. No one should go hungry in this city, especially on Thanksgiving.

Please help some of Ottawa’s most vulnerable homeless men and women by clicking here.

Irwin thrives at The Oaks

Irwin is a chronic alcoholic. Drinking has cost him his family and his job. He has progressed from the men’s shelter at Shepherds of Good Hope, and today, he lives at The Oaks, a supportive living residence operated by us.

It hasn’t been easy for Irwin. He has a strong desire to get back to work but alcohol has taken its toll on his health and his life.

You can help men and women like Irwin thrive by making a donation. You will ensure the homeless have a warm bed each night, receive three healthy meals a day, and get the care they need. 

Irwin’s downfall began 10 years ago when his step-father died and his grandmother committed suicide. Both people were extremely important to Irwin. He was devastated. Up until that point, he drank but he also held down a job and was with his family. When tragedy struck, his weekend drinking became binge drinking. 

When Irwin first came to Ottawa, he was hoping for a new start. Unfortunately, he was still trapped in his old life. On some days he drank as many as 8-10 bottles of sherry. He often passed out in stairwells or in the lobby of a bank. He can’t count how often he woke up in the emergency room with no idea of how he got there.

He stayed regularly at Shepherds’ men’s shelter. It was there the staff introduced him to the managed alcohol program. The internationally-renowned program helps chronic alcoholics by managing their alcohol intake. It wasn’t easy. Irwin was kicked out of the program four times and left twice on his own. The desire to drink outside the program with his friends was too tempting.

With lots of support from the staff, he finally committed to the program and the next step was The Oaks. Due to the location on Merivale Road being away from downtown, it wasn’t as easy for Irwin to leave the program and find his friends for binge drinking. As time went on, his health improved and he made new friends. He rediscovered his passion for cooking and loves to play cribbage. 

There are many men and women like Irwin who come to Shepherds of Good Hope every day looking for care and support. You can help them by making a donation. 

Please make a donation today! 

Volunteer and feel great
VolunteerDo you like to cook? Do you have a green thumb? Are you into board games? Can you call bingo? Sing karaoke?

Then we have a volunteer opportunity for you. Research shows volunteering has many benefits. It’s good for your health and is a great way to meet new friends.

Volunteering with us allows you to help some of Ottawa’s most vulnerable men and women. Whether you’re coming on your own or with a group of friends/co-workers, you’ll find your volunteer experience incredibly rewarding.

To find out more about how to volunteer with us, please check out our volunteer page.

Good Day Workshop
GDW Hearts

The Good Day Workshop is a social enterprise and day program run by Shepherds of Good Hope.

One of the special things that happens at the Good Day Workshop every day thanks to your support is the making of toys and decorations. All of our products are made of wood by hand and are child friendly.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced and unique gift for a special someone, the Good Day Workshop will have something for you.

When you purchase a gift from the Good Day Workshop, not only are you getting something for yourself or a loved one, but you are also supporting the men and women who are in this program.

For more information about the Good Day Workshop, please click here.

Buy a calendar
Calendar Photo
Do you love great photography? Then our new, 18-month calendar is just for you. It can also make for the perfect gift.

Although the first month of the calendar is July, it runs until the end of 2017.

This calendar, launched at our annual fundraising event, A Taste for Hope, features 18 beautiful photos of some of Ottawa’s top chefs.

To order your calendar, please click here.

Legacy Giving
Legacy of Hope Wall

We know you care about issues surrounding homelessness. Many of you support the homeless with donations throughout the year. But one of the most important gifts you can leave is a gift in your will. A legacy gift allows you to connect with the homeless in a deep and meaningful way. It tells Ottawa’s most vulnerable men and women that they will not be forgotten.

This spring we created the Legacy of Hope Wall. It honours the memory of those people who have left a gift in their will to Shepherds of Good Hope. It also honours those people who have indicated they are going to leave a gift in their will to help the homeless.

If you would like more information about our legacy giving program, please contact Micah at 613-789-8210, ext. 241 or at

Donate Buton

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