Students from Sacred Heart High School (Stittsville) prepare apple crisp for our clients’ dessert

Organizing a food drive for the hungry at Shepherds of Good Hope? Take a look at our Food Drive Guidelines document. Interested in having someone present at your school? Fill out our Presentation Request Form.


Shepherds of Good Hope has a wonderful partnership with the elementary and high schools of Ottawa. We involve and educate students at assemblies or take them on tours of our facilities and show them first hand the growing problem of homelessness in our the nation’s capital.

We offer students the opportunity to become engaged with members of our staff who present educational and compelling overviews for the reasons why people wind up on the street. We discuss the seriousness of drug addiction and street involvement. We talk about respect for all people and the way that Shepherds of Good Hope demonstrates non-judgmental support daily with those who have so little and need so much. We speak about mental illness and other health concerns that those living on the street must deal. Students are provided with the experience of what it feels like to be alone and on the street without anything you can call your own.

Students also hear about how they are currently helping the homeless and how they can continue to help the homeless and poor around them by making sandwiches, conducting food drives or by organizing a fundraising event. They understand how giving back can be very rewarding.

If you would like more information about our work with schools, contact Gail McGuireĀ at (613) 789-8210 ext. 221 or email at