Hosting a fundraising event for SGH


Thank you for your interest in raising funds to help Shepherds of Good Hope provide for the most vulnerable in our community.

All fundraising organizers must read and follow our established fundraising guidelines. Please make sure your event fits the mission and image of Shepherds of Good Hope.  If you wish to use the Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation Logo, you must submit our application form and have it approved.

If you would like to host a 3rd Party Event, please print off the application form and fundraising guidelines.

Please mail to
Marianne Long
233 Murray Street
Ottawa, ON K1N 8N9

613-789-8210 x 237

Fax: 613-789-0888 ATTN: Marianne Long

Email a PDF:



1. Any organization/group wishing to use Shepherds of Good Hope name or logo on any materials, including advertising, must receive Shepherds of Good Hope approval prior to production. Approval shall be in writing and the logo will be provided by Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation.

2. Any event that donates a portion of its sales must state exactly how much, either in percentage or specific dollar amounts on the application form.

3. Please be advised that by publicly naming Shepherds of Good Hope as the benefactor of your event, you are required to donate the proceeds raised on our behalf.

4. The organization/group running the event agrees to handle all monetary transactions for the fundraising event and to present the proceeds of the event coming to Shepherds of Good Hope within 30 days of the event or as agreed in writing with Shepherds of Good Hope.

5. Shepherds of Good Hope is not responsible for any financial losses incurred in conjunction with this fundraising event. Furthermore, the sponsoring organization/group agrees to underwrite all the costs of the event and to secure such underwriting. No costs shall be incurred by Shepherds of Good Hope unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to the fundraising event.

6. Shepherds of Good Hope must not be party to any liability coverage without prior knowledge and/or approval by Shepherds of Good Hope.

7. The Shepherds of Good Hope Director of Finance, based on Canada Customs and Revenue Agency guidelines, will review eligibility of proceeds raised by this event for tax receipts. Please note not all funds raised (or items donated) qualify for tax receipts.

8. It is not customary for Shepherds of Good Hope to participate in any door-to-door or telephone solicitation fundraising initiatives, or to support organizations that wish to do so on our behalf. Written permission will have to be given in advance on a case-by-case basis for this type of fundraising.

9. Shared mailing lists of corporate partners, donors, sponsors, or volunteers must be presented to Shepherds of Good Hope before any are contacted to ensure there is no overlap with current events or events in the planning process.

10. Shepherds of Good Hope is willing to assist with your event with promotional pamphlets/pledge forms and ideas/advice and also with a letter of support with our Charitable Registration Number, to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers. However, the responsibility remains with the host group for selling tickets and volunteer recruitment for the specific event.

11. Shepherds of Good Hope does not trade, sell or exchange in any way, donor/volunteer lists or biographical information, and abides by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Any questions, please feel free to contact Micah Garten at 613-789-8210, ext. 241 or