Generous support from people just like you allowed Shepherds of Good Hope to host a special Christmas party for the people staying in the shelter last year. Because of you, no one in that room was alone last Christmas. By supporting Shepherds, you can help create a community for those who have nowhere else to go.

You can be the reason everyone has a place to call home for the holidays.

Christmas is such a special time of year. But Christmas can also be one of the hardest times of the year. Not only must the homeless survive the brutal cold of winter, but they also struggle with being away from their family when so many others are enjoying the warmth and comfort of home.

There are so many people who desperately need your help. 

Shelter programs are over capacity. People are sleeping on mats in the hallways because there aren’t enough beds for everyone. Shepherds recently recorded the busiest dinner the soup kitchen has ever had. Shepherds served over 400 hungry people in just 3 hours.

The situation is critical. But there is something you can do to help. By donating to Shepherds of Good Hope, you give the homeless food, shelter and a place to call home this Christmas.

Please give generously. Your support will help ensure everyone has a place to call home this Christmas.

Shepherds can’t do it without you.  Your support makes miracles happen every day. Your generous gifts are the reason so many will have a place to be this Christmas.