Good Day Workshop

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Good Day Workshop is a very successful social enterprise of Shepherds of Good Hope. It provides participants with a safe community where they can trust, laugh, work, build friendships, and become team players in the maintenance of this wonderful environment. Many of the participants experience barriers to employment due to living with physical disabilities, mental illness or addictions. Since 1996, this program has provided skills training in the repair and refinishing of wood furniture to over 400 participants a year.

The philosophy is simple. Every day for each participant should be a Good Day. This workshop gives the participants a reason to get up each day, a purpose, and a tremendous feeling of self worth, respect and dignity. Here, the barriers to employment are greatly reduced. The GDW is a friendly, warm and welcoming place.

When did the Good Day Workshop begin?
The Workshop was started in the fall of 1996.

Why was the Workshop established?
The Workshop was created in response to the desperate need to provide individuals who were socially unemployable and suffering from mental illness and/or addictions a safe, supportive community in which to work, socialize and learn new skills.

Who started the Workshop?
Sister Marilyn McGrath, with the support of the Grey Sisters of the Immaculate Conception.

What is the Program about?
Good Day Workshop welcomes people who are unemployed because of problems related to addiction, homelessness, mental or physical disability, and teaches them to repair and refinish furniture.

“Today I have a chance to give back, to feel valued. This is more than just a place for me and the other participants to go every day. This place saves lives.”
-André Parent, Finisher


For more information about the program please contact
Lana Hann, Manager, Social Enterprise
613-236-4979 //