Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where will my gift go?

A. If you do not specify, your gift will support the area of greatest need. You may also designate your gift to a purpose of your choosing.


Q. How will my gift be protected?

A. All legacy gifts received by Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation are invested prudently to ensure that the funds are protected until they are needed for tomorrow.


Q. Are there tax advantages to leaving a legacy gift to Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation?

A. Canadian registered charities like Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation generate credits that can save taxes on your estate. This can be particularly advantageous when you are leaving assets that would otherwise be subject to capital gains.


Q. How do I set up a legacy gift?

A. Setting up a legacy gift is simple! Just ask your lawyer to add the following statements to your will:

“I give to Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation, 233 Murray Street, Ottawa, ON K1N 5M9 the sum of $____or______ per cent of the residue of my estate, or my property in the City of ___________.  The disposition of my bequest is to be used by Shepherds of Good Hope Foundation at its discretion.


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