“I owe my life to Shephe...

Jan 6, 2017 by

Meet Corinne, a resident at Shepherds of Good Hope’s Managed Alcohol Program permanent residence facility, The Oaks. When...

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Irwin thrives at The Oaks

Oct 5, 2016 by

Irwin is a chronic alcoholic. Drinking has cost him his family and his job. He has progressed from the men’s shelter at Shepherds of...

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Derek has a home for the holid...

Dec 7, 2015 by

We all enjoy being home for the holidays. It’s a special time for family, fellowship and giving. For Derek, this holiday year will...

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Henry touched by kindness

Oct 8, 2015 by

When Henry thinks about the staff at Shepherd of Good Hope, the first word that comes to mind is kindness. Henry says no matter what...

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Darwin gives thanks

Sep 29, 2015 by

When Thanksgiving is celebrated next month, Darwin doesn’t have to think twice about what he’s thankful for. He’s thankful for...

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Kim finds peace at Brigid̵...

Jul 30, 2015 by

For most of her life, Kim has been in search of a safe home. She finally found one with Brigid’s Place. Kim had a rough start in...

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Gilles works hard to find work

Jul 21, 2015 by

It takes a little work to find work. Gilles, a recent client of Shepherds of Good Hope, had the determination, but needed some help...

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Carl’s Second Chance

Mar 30, 2015 by

Carl will tell anyone who will listen that he is living the good life. Carl lives at the Oaks at 1057 Merivale Road, one of the harm...

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Out in the Cold

Jan 13, 2015 by

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As Good As It Gets!

Dec 30, 2014 by

Shawn came to Shepherds of Good Hope four years ago as a life completely out of control. He had been homeless many times because of...

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20 Years with Patty

Oct 21, 2014 by

It has been a 20 year struggle for Patty but – together we finally made it. Patty is where she needs to be right now. Patty is...

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Case Management in ESP

Sep 19, 2014 by

Meara is a Case Manager in the Enhanced Support Program (ESP).  This program is the final stage of care in the Transitional Emergency...

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Aug 18, 2014 by

One’s dignity may be assaulted, vandalized and cruelly mocked but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered…Michael J....

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Grace’s Story

Jun 20, 2014 by

This is Grace’s story of courage and resilience. At the age of 21, Grace journeyed to Canada to make a better life for herself,...

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Willi Is No Longer Alone

Jun 16, 2014 by

Willi is a 67 year old woman that lives in the Oaks Supportive Living program.  Willi is also a self admitted alcoholic.  Willi grew...

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Fred & Shannon

Jun 3, 2014 by

Fred met Shannon 7 years ago on the front step of their apartment building.  Little did they know that this would be the beginning of...

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May 27, 2014 by

(Euphemia) Effie is an 82 year young Scottish lass who lives at Hope Living in Kanata.  Effie came to Canada with the British High...

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Mother and Daughter Reunion

Apr 14, 2014 by

Penny was born the younger of two children to Adele and Ralph.  Ralph was a well-to-do contractor and Adele was a young stay-at-home...

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A Life Renewed

Mar 26, 2014 by

John is a quiet, gentle soul who lives at our 208 St. Andrew Street Residence.  From outside appearances John looks like a contented...

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There is No Place like Home

Mar 17, 2014 by

“Look at their faces, the blank stare and the hollow eyes – remnants of lives gone terribly wrong.” There is nothing positive...

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