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Helping homeless people find jobs
Deirdre Freiheit

At Shepherds of Good Hope, we are more than a soup kitchen that provides three meals per day and we are much more than an emergency shelter.

Creating innovative programs and services to meet the changing needs of our clients has become our hallmark. This spring, we are expanding our Workers Program. Supported by an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant, we’re going to help men and women living in the shelter find jobs. Obviously, a paid job allows people to find and keep their own housing so that they reduce or eliminate their chances of returning to the shelter again.

Over the coming months, we will be identifying businesses that are interested in hiring people who are with us. The grant allows us to provide a wage subsidy for a period of time to interested employers. The subsidy allows the employer and employee to develop a good working relationship, which we hope will lead to permanent work and permanent housing.

This exciting program is just one example of the innovation at Shepherds. If you would like a tour of our programs, please let us know by email.


Donate Buton


They need your help

Homelessness can happen to anyone. No one asks for it. No one chooses it. 

Every year, 2,000 men and women stay at Shepherds of Good Hope. With your support, we can ensure they get the care and support they deserve.

Jonah in the soup kitchen

Jonah goes from
client to volunteer

When Jonah first moved to Ottawa several years ago, his goal was not to live in a homeless shelter. But he found himself with no choice.

Thanks to your support, though, Jonah was able to access programs and services that helped him deal with a variety of issues. He eventually took part in the Enhanced Support Program. There, he learned basic financial skills such as how to save up for first and last month’s rent. He had access to counselling and a case worker.

When Jonah had an opportunity to move into his own apartment, he knew he had the skills and the confidence to make it a success. On that first day, Jonah was struck by how quiet his apartment was compared to the noisy shelter. He also didn’t have to share a bedroom with several men or wait his turn to take a shower.

Today, Jonah is a valuable member of our community. He volunteers several days a week in the soup kitchen. He is an example of what you help men and women accomplish when you make a donation. To help men and women like Jonah, please donate.

Be a volunteer
Do you like to cook? Play board games? Call bingo? Talk about books? Then there is a volunteer opportunity for you.

Research shows volunteering is good for your health and a great way to meet new people, not to mention the impact it has on the people staying at Shepherds of Good Hope. Click here for more information.

Tribute gifts
birthday cake
Every day we hear a story about how someone asked for donations on their birthday rather than gifts. 

If your birthday wish is to help people less fortunate, we can make that a reality with our Tribute Giving program. We can event set up a dedicated donation page for you to email to others. It makes giving so easy.

For more details, contact Jason at 789-8210, ext. 225 or by email.

Donate Buton
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