The Rapid Housing and Employment Program (RHEP)

A Shepherd of Good Hope Rapid Housing and Employment Program (RHEP) client, Jonah, was recently featured on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. The segment showcased Jonah’s incredible journey through the program. Through his participation in the program, Jonah was able to gain valuable life skills by working at Shepherds of Good Hope’s Good Day Workshop and found affordable housing. If you are an employer looking to hire excellent employees like Jonah, do not hesitate to reach out to the program directly by contacting

Watch the full clip here by clicking on the video below.


The Rapid Housing and Employment Program (RHEP) is a new innovative program targeting homeless individuals who wish to return to sustainable housing and employment.

The program is situated in the Men’s Shelter and Women’s Outreach Shelter Program. It offers capacity for up to 18 clients at any one point who are either casually unemployed or underemployed with the long term goal of ending the cycle of poverty for those accessing shelter services.

Our approach is to offer clients rapid access to employment and housing through intensive case management in addition to an environment which is attentive to their unique needs. As part of this environment, RHEP clients are provided with a resource room, computers, flexible wake up times or bagged lunches for clients who work at irregular hours time, etc.

RHEP staff work to build meaningful relationships with local businesses and organizations in the community that will facilitate broader, and lower barrier access to employment opportunities. These jobs provide a living wage for our clients – leading to less reliance on social assistance. In addition to providing assistance to connect to employers, RHEP staff also provide follow-up support to both, employers and clients. This support involves access to employment training, coaching and on-site job support to ensure the success of these sustainable employment opportunities in the long run. A distinct feature of RHEP is that our clients work in tandem to address their employment and housing goals and are therefore offered up to six months of community support at their home.

For more information about the Rapid Housing and Employment Program (RHEP) or if you are interested in providing a sustainable job opportunity or housing units for our clients, please contact:

Shepherds of Good Hope would like to thank Ontario Trillium Foundation for its generous funding of the Rapid Housing Employment Program.

Ontario Trillium Foundation


Click here to download the RHEP program brochure. Thank you to Now Creative and Design for Citizens for their generous in-kind support with the creation of this brochure.