Christmas Hamper

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Each Christmas Season Shepherds of Good Hope runs a Christmas Hamper program to connect families in need with sponsors who provide all the fixings for a traditional Christmas meal.

Our sponsors are matched with a family in need that meets their criteria i.e. location, family size, etc. Sponsors are given the contact information for the family(s) they’ve been matched with and call to find out more details about the family and to arrange a delivery time.

We suggest that a hamper contain:

Suggested Items for a Hamper – the following list and suggested quantities is based on a family of 4, amounts should be increased in accordance with the size of the family.

 Turkey

 Vegetables (2-4)

 Potatoes (5-10 pounds)

 Cranberries (1-2 cans)

 Stuffing (1-3 boxes)

 Fruit and Desserts

 Beverages

 Bread and butter

Every year the Caring and Sharing Exchange, our Christmas Hamper Partner, has a waiting list of about 1,000 families that go without assistance; please help us eliminate the waiting list by sharing information on becoming a sponsor with your network.

If you’re interesting in sponsoring a Christmas Hamper, please click here.

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