Christmas Shoeboxes

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From time to time, groups reach out to us with the desire to provide gifts which can be handed out on Christmas morning. It has been our tradition that each Christmas, every one of the nearly 500 men and women who are staying at our locations receives a shoebox filled with gifts to brighten their spirits. If you are interested in making shoeboxes for the members of our community, the list below indicates what goes into them and what we refrain from including. If you have any further questions please do contact Gail at 613-789-8210 x 221


Shoe Box Items

Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo/body wash, razors, deodorant, body lotion, comb/brush, socks

mittens/gloves/hats (optional but greatly appreciated)

a few little treats (i.e. chocolates, candy canes etc.)


We ask people to refrain from putting:

Mouthwash (even if it’s alcohol free), lighters/candles, hand sanitizer, Nail polish remover


Other odds and ends that folks can feel free to add in:

Puzzle books, nail files, nail clippers, q-tips

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