Grace’s Story

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This is Grace’s story of courage and resilience.

At the age of 21, Grace journeyed to Canada to make a better life for herself, escaping the turmoil of her native Rwanda and ended up in Kingston where she pursued an undergraduate degree in civil engineering at Queen’s University and held down a full time job during the course of her studies. She graduated debt free and planned on continuing her studies and following a masters program.

Grace’s life was really on the upswing with set goals towards a successful future.  During this period, Grace met a seemingly charming, well educated man and soon the two began dating.  As their relationship deepened, Grace learnt the hard way that he was cruel and vicious. The violence worsened and he wouldn’t let her end their relationship. Grace’s life soon became a living nightmare and one day, when he tried to break down the door to her apartment, Grace’s screams prompted a neighbour to call 911.

The man was known to police and he had a documented history of abuse in his file.  The police suggested that Grace relocate to another city to escape him. Grace had no choice but to leave her job and her home and her dreams of higher education. She fled that very night and ended up on the doorstep of a shelter for abused woman, fearing for her life, where she lived for 3 months.

Sadly fate had a different plan for Grace whose mother passed away suddenly and Grace had to return to her native Rwanda for the funeral exhausting all of her life’s savings. Grace returned penniless without a place to call her own.

It is thanks to the dedicated staff and volunteers at the Shepherds of Good Hope that Grace was able to get back on her feet. Grace stayed in the shelter at the Shepherds of Good Hope while a case manager worked with her to establish herself and get back on her feet. Housing was found for her in a very short period of time and all of the associated moving fees were covered. Grace’s case manager assisted her in finding a permanent job and on the road to a brighter future full of hope.

Grace was one of the lucky ones whom the Shepherds of Good Hope was able to help. She would never have had this opportunity if not for people like you who care for those who have so little and need so much.

Help us help others like Grace have their second chance

The need is great. The need is now.



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