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Effie picture(Euphemia) Effie is an 82 year young Scottish lass who lives at Hope Living in Kanata.  Effie came to Canada with the British High Commission as their cook at the tender age of 17.   She had the great fortune of meeting a young Canadian farmer at a square dance one evening. There, he swept her off her feet and they were soon married.  They moved to Cascade, Quebec and raised three children in a home that they built themselves and lived happily for over forty years.  Effie is one of those rare people that are hard to forget.  She still speaks with a strong Scottish brogue and can name where most of the clans hail from in her native Scotland.
Effie, like anyone else has had her ups and downs throughout the years but she prefers to think of them more as ups than downs.  Her attitude towards life in general is very positive but her reality also includes the fact that she has been a widow of 25 years, living with diabetes and losing one of her three children suddenly last year.
Effie had been living at the Residence for 8 years before Shepherds of Good Hope became its new owner.  She makes it her job to regularly tend to the house plants in the dining room and in summer to the external plants in the surrounding gardens.  She also chooses to accompany people who have no one else to come with them on their medical appointments ‘just to make them feel better.’  She is a Mother, a Grandmother and a Great Grandmother with a quick wit, a beautiful smile and a sharp mind.
When she was asked how Hope Living Residents fit in when they moved in last June she said, “Everyone fits in just fine.  We all get along splendidly with each other.  In fact, the diversity is refreshing and we all learn from each other.”
According to Effie, the recreation director at Hope Living has made quite an impact on the residents.  Things are livelier with her around.
She talks about the walks they take daily and when the weather is too severe they walk laps around the second floor. If walking isn’t for you, she says, there are armchair exercises to limber up the joints. Some of the outings that the residents have include going in the Shepherds of Good Hope van for drives to Ottawa Valley communities and having lunch at their local restaurants. Once a week they go shopping at local malls.  Also, they all get together weekly  to prepare the main meal made up of individual’s unique dishes and sit down to share them with each other.  Birthdays are always a joyous time.  Live music, birthday cake and good times abound. There is even a dedicated doctor that visits them at the residence and an examining room is available on site for their convenience.

Effie states, “This is my home and I’m sure not suffering.”

It is because we all care that Effie can continue to live a comfortable life.  Won’t you consider making a donation to help those like Effie? Click HERE.

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