There is No Place like Home

Mar 17, 2014 by

“Look at their faces, the blank stare and the hollow eyes – remnants of lives gone terribly wrong.”

sleepingThere is nothing positive about living on the street.  Far too often, street people must suffer the trauma of the brutality, violence and loneliness so prevalent  from life on the street.  The homeless must accept a life of malnutrition, numerous health ailments that never get attended to, mental illness, a constant feeling of being unsafe  and addictions.  All of this can contribute to broken bodies, devastated spirits, an accelerated aging rate and sadly, shortened lives.

So where do these most at-risk men and women go when they have no where that they can call home?

Shepherds of Good Hope opens its doors to anyone who needs help – men and women in all stages of life come to rely on Shepherds of Good Hope as their home.  Our facilities and our staff offer comfort to all that come through our doors for we truly believe that a life of dignity should be accessible to everyone.

We offer health care for the afflicted, nutritious food for the hungry and access to hot showers and clean, dry clothing for all and any that need them.  We also connect with other social service agencies to provide further assistance for those who need help.

It may not be a just world for the frail or aged that are forced to take refuge in a shelter but Shepherds of Good Hope is there along side each person – caring and assisting them in whatever way possible. We are the family to those who do not have one.

Please think of those of us who deserve so much more than life has provided especially the feeble, elderly and vulnerable among us.



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