Jimmy – A Success Story

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This is Jimmy, a daily participant at the Good Day Workshop, a social enterprise program of Shepherds of Good Hope.  This is where his skills of repairing, stripping and staining furniture have been reawakened and developed. Jimmy has been and remains a gift of hospitality and service to not only the Good Day Workshop but to the entire Bronson Centre where it is housed.  For almost 10 years Jimmy has taken his 45 minute bus ride to and from the Good Day Workshop to volunteer in what ever capacity he is needed.  His job over the years was refinishing furniture but lately, his services are needed to prepare the noon meal for the 20-40 participants who come to the Good Day Workshop daily. Jimmy completed a safe food handling course so he would be ready and now is the man in charge at Good Day Workshop’s kitchen.  When he isn’t busy in the kitchen Jimmy is running the Tuck Shop that services the entire building.  He loves to come to work because he meets new people every day.  He knows his efforts are appreciated and his self esteem is heightened.

Life wasn’t always this rosy for Jimmy. For many years Jimmy and his wife lived on the streets and were unable to afford rent as the money they earned from panhandling was used for alcohol.  Both Jimmy and his wife wound up at Shepherds of Good Hope in the Managed Alcohol Program where they were treated for their alcoholism by the staff of Ottawa Inner City Health.  It was there they met Wendy Muckle, the Executive Director of Ottawa Inner City Health and she encouraged them to take part in the Good Day Workshop.  As Jimmy admits, work helped him with abstaining from alcohol.

That was then and this is now.  For the past nine years, they have been sober and off the streets.  Today Jimmy, his wife along with their cat are living in an apartment and enjoying a comfortable and healthy lifestyle.

There are many people like Jimmy on the streets.  Won’t you give so that many more can find the happiness that Jimmy is now experiencing?

Because of donors and supporters like you, Jimmy is living a happy and healthy life.  Thank you.

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