A New Lease on Life

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Mary has been accessing Shepherds of Good Hope programs for fifteen years. During this time Mary delivered two children. Both children were taken away from her and placed in foster care due to her poor mental health and total lack of stability. Mary frequently became involved in abusive relationships and was often physically assaulted. Mary felt that staff and the people around her were “playing mind games”. She frequently acted out and yelled at staff and had a difficult time adhering to the rules of the program. She was often asked to leave or calm down but appeared unable to comprehend that this was a result of her own actions.

Mary had tried housing a number of times but always returned to the shelter. Paranoia, suspiciousness and extreme anxiety contributed to her prolonged homelessness. Mary missed a number of appointments for housing opportunities. She mixed up messages regarding time and location of appointments all the while believing it was someone else’s fault.

As Mary’s mental health deteriorated staff tried to support her with referrals to psychiatric personnel. Initially, she refused but found herself having to be hospitalized where she was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia.

Since her hospitalization Mary has been taking her medication regularly and the results have been remarkable. She has secured and remained in housing since November 2011. She has also connected with one of her children and is hoping to have a relationship with both in the future. She is being supported by a Public Guardian and Trustee who handles her finances and she continues to have regular appointments with the psychiatric outreach staff.

Mary has had a new lease on life after receiving the proper care she needed.  She is stable and happy and continues to thrive.

Mary says she has YOU to thank, our wonderful supporters, for her success.

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