A Life Renewed

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Robert’s life was on hold when he first dropped into the Shepherds of Good Hope Emergency Men’s Shelter.  He was working as a painter earning $65 a week.  He had issues with alcohol and gambling and a very strained relationship with his girlfriend who was also homeless.  He was lost and could not cope.  What was worse is that he just gave up.  He was in a rut and could not see his way out.

He came to us because he didn’t know where to turn or who to ask for help. He was 37 years old and had not accomplished much over his lifetime.  Day after day he merely existed.  The Case Manager decided that something had to be done and they asked him if he would like to join the Worker Dorm Program.

The Worker Dorm Program assists the clients in finding work, maintaining employment through stability and when ready, securing more stable housing.

The Case Manager spoke with Robert to find out how they could help him obtain his job of choice. He told them that he wanted to be a truck driver but did not have the money to apply for the two licenses necessary to qualify.  The Case Manager approached the proper government departments to find him the money that would assist him with the testing to qualify for the licenses.

To help him prepare for stable housing the staff simulated a rental situation by having Robert put aside funds, in their care, every month so that when he was ready he would have the first and last month’s rent payment.

The Case Manager counselled him through his gambling and drinking issues always careful to listen to why he felt he needed both.  She encouraged him to think of more constructive ways of turning his life around.

To someone living in a shelter the Case Manager is the person who hears it all and soon Robert was opening up about his troubled relationship with his girlfriend.  The Case Manager counselled him through this rocky time as well.

Robert was in need of medication and the Case Manager assisted Robert to obtain a drug card.  Robert’s life was taking a turn for the better.  All he needed was stable housing and soon the Case Manager and Housing Manager helped him find that as well.

Robert moved into his own apartment but needed money for his furniture and once again the staff of Shepherds of Good Hope acted as references for a bank loan in order for him to purchase what he needed.

Robert and so many others have been the beneficiaries of the Worker Dorm Program at Shepherds of Good Hope and like so many others, Robert makes a point of coming back to visit and say thank you.

Help us to help others like Robert lead a more productive life.  Everyone deserves a life of dignity.

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