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Kira is 20 years old and lives in Shepherds of Good Hope Women’s Emergency Outreach Shelter. She was born in Oshawa to an unwed, unstable mother who uprooted Kira many times to live in different parts of the country.  To this day, Kira admits it was all a blur.

When she was 6, her mother who clearly did not want to be a mother lost custody of Kira to her biological father who took her to live in Brockville.  Shortly afterward her father was transferred with his job to Ottawa and Kira followed.  When Kira was 17 her father moved again to Simcoe. She was not happy living there. Her life of being uprooted over and over again was taking its toll and when Kira turned 18 she went to live with her mother in Nova Scotia thinking that this might be the stability she was looking for.  Kira soon learned that this was not to be.  Mother and daughter came to despise each other and Kira said the writing was on the wall.  She had to leave.

Children of dysfunctional families often feel unwanted and isolated.  Kira didn’t feel that any place was home.  She couldn’t live with her Mother or Father. Then an old friend from Ottawa contacted her and asked her to stay with her and her husband.  Her friends’ marriage soon fell apart and Kira was again homeless and that is when she found Shepherds of Good Hope. When asked how she felt living in a shelter she replied, “Once you learn to stick to yourself and stay away from the people who are in the bad stuff, you’ll be ok.”  By bad stuff, Kira meant drugs.  Life on the street can seem like a slow burial in quick sand.  The dealers prey on the innocent and the innocent becomes the addict.

There is hope for Kira. With the help of her case manager and housing manager she has two bachelor apartments lined up to view and she is working on her resume in hopes of securing employment soon.

Many young women just like Kira look for hope at Women’s Emergency Outreach Shelter.

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